Protecta Shield Protective Coatings

Protecta Shield use revolutionary protective coating products for your home, commercial premises, automotive protection and marine care. A permanent bonding shield applied to any surface to seal and protect against staining, corrosion and etching. Easy to apply and clean.

Protecta Shield apply protective products from EnduroShield™, a revolutionary invisible protective coating for glass, tiles and grout, ceramic, porcelain and stainless steel surfaces. Protecting your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and reducing cleaning time by up 90%. Ideal for your home and commercial indoor/outdoor protection.
Protecta Shield will protect your automotive and marine investment. We apply Swissvax™ high performance range of care products for your car, cruiser boat or yacht. Long term protection guaranteed.

  • Our Products

    Protecta Shield apply protective products from EnduroShieldProtecta Shield apply Swissvax high performance range of car care products

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  • Professional Application

    Protecta Shield Professional ApplicationYou can be assured a quality application and professional approach from our fully trained Protecta Shield team.

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  • Quality Guarantee

    Protecta Shield 10 Year Guarantee New Glass ProtectionWe offer a 10 year guarantee on new glass protection. 3 year guarantee on existing glass, tile and grout surfaces. Free quotes.

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