Swissvax™ Lotos… Long lasting protection to fabric convertible tops

The Swissvax™ Lotos Protectant Set adds ultra long lasting protection to fabric convertible tops, making them better able to withstand attack from rain, grime, road salt, bug splatter and birds droppings.

Mimicking nature’s Lotus Effect, these revolutionary products create a durable hydrophobic coating on treated surfaces that causes water droplets to bead up and roll off, taking contaminants with them. While many other commercially available fabric top protectants contain as little as 2% of active ingredients, Swissvax™ Lotos Protectant boasts an impressive 20% (one of the highest concentrations on the market).

Despite this high percentage of active protective agents, Swissvax™ Lotos Protectant is supplied in a user-friendly, CFC-free spray format. Quick and easy to use, with excellent durability; could you ask for any more from a fabric top protectant?

Watch this amazing video demonstration…